Joe Shone – Trans Adriatic Pipeline Project Logistics Manager

 “Transportation remains the greatest risk of any international construction project. Safety is our number one priority and the successful performance of the TAP fleet can be attributed to several factors: management buy-in, team commitment as well as investment in training. The fact that TAP executive management and the senior project managers have bought into the concept of safe fleet management has been key to our robust track record. 

Using Geotab to constantly monitor activities, we have been able to adjust driver behaviour and, above all, reduce, prevent and mitigate transport risks. Secondly, TAP has a highly committed contractors team. Their hard work, competency and persistence in managing vehicle maintenance and journey management systems have been truly outstanding. Finally, TAP has invested and continues to invest in refining and updating our reports and the Geotab system, training drivers and, above all, implementing key learnings. Constant awareness training for drivers, backed up by the deterrent of a disciplinary process, has been key to the success of our fleet management.” 


Mark Green – Fleet Manager of the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead Council

 "Geotab is easy to use and yet offers data that is incredibly valuable for management and decisionmaking. I highly recommend it to any business that runs a fleet.”

• No accidents
• Fewer un-authorized journeys and stops
• Reduced number of road-traffic infringements

• 14% improvement in fuel consumption
• Reduced exhaust emissions
• Moved to a more proactive maintenance program


Timothy Gee - Tractor Traverse Engineer at the British Antarctic Survey

 “Our vehicles undergo extensive preparation to ensure optimal performance and efficiency before being deployed to Antarctica and we always take extra care to ensure our research specialists are equipped with the training and tools necessary to succeed. 

Despite this however, when vehicles are exploring the ice shelves, they are in a very hostile environment and conditions can change very quickly. Using cutting edge telematics technology on our vehicles allows us to not only know where our vehicles are, but gives us peace of mind that our researchers are safe.”